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Welcome to Book Therapy

Book therapy is based on the idea that books have therapeutic value.
A book can open a door between an author and a reader, imparting wisdom or lived experience,
a new perspective or an alternate reality.

This website offers a variety of book-related services

It is also intended to connect people with books


Book Therapy — Our Services

Guidance and support to improve your book

Assistance writing your memoir

Enhancing your life through books

Why Choose Book Therapy

Why Choose Book Therapy

We offer book-related services for all genres, and promote diversity in the connection between author and reader, whether you write for pleasure, entertainment, ideas, knowledge or understanding. We have a special interest in books that are written with therapeutic intent, especially works that foster a deeper understanding of some aspect of the human condition. That may be explored through memoir – a personal journey designed to assist others who are at the beginning of that same experience, or to promote greater understanding. It may also be through literary fiction, sci-fi, fantasy or any other genre, delving into concepts that are difficult to express directly, or are better suited to the nuance of storytelling. If you are writing with a bibliotherapeutic aim in mind, please let us know, as we would be delighted to assist you to realise that aspect of your work.

Book services

Book services

We specialise in book-related editorial services. We offer detailed manuscript assessments, mentoring and editorial workshops, in order to improve your manuscript and increase your chances of publication. We also provide structural editing, copyediting and proofreading.

We have Reader’s Digest trained book condensers on staff for authors who require assistance to reduce the length of their manuscript. We also offer book cover design services for authors who choose to self-publish.

We provide comprehensive guidance to support your journey to publication, whether traditional or writer driven. We are highly experienced, professional and punctual.

Our services include:

Manuscript assessment  |  Mentoring  |  Editorial workshops  |  Structural editing  |  Copyediting   |  Proofreading  |  Book condensation  |  Book cover design

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Memoir services

Memoir Services

Writing a memoir can be therapeutic. It can provide clarity about your life journey – transforming your experiences into a narrative thread and enabling you to see your life as a logical sequence of connected events.

Would you like to write a memoir, but don’t know how to start? Go to our Memoir page and/or look at How to Write Your Memoir: 101 Questions to ask yourself.

If you’ve already written a memoir, and are unsure what to do next, please consider our editorial services. The best place to start is usually a manuscript assessment.

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Book reviews

Client Feedback for Book Therapy

Our book reviews will assist you to find a book that intrigues you, or inspires you, or delights you. 

Perhaps you’d like to share a book that you consider to be ‘book therapy’. Please get in touch and let us know

'I was lucky enough to be selected into the WestWords fellowship through which I met Alison. Alison helped me edit my novel before submission to my publisher, Hachette. During the time we worked together, I learnt that Alison is a sharp-minded, creative editor with a gift. She has an eye for structure and plot, and worked collaboratively with me to improve my work.

'Her feedback is actionable and detailed, and she is generous with her time. She invests in the soul of the work, showing deep care for the text and the story.

'I have recommended Alison to all my writing groups and friends, and would not hesitate to do so in future.'

Zoe Ghani, author of Pomegranate & Fig

'Alison Fraser is the editor who genuinely invests in your book. She has a unique talent for editing in any genre, without disturbing the author’s voice and tone. The experience was like a partnership, and in her hands, my manuscript made quantum leaps towards publication.'

Jane Carrick, short-listed for the Penguin Literary Prize, 2021.

'I could not have worked with a more dedicated and articulate editor for my memoir, Jessica’s Gift. Alison was passionate and genuinely interested. I honestly felt that she was invested in me and my story.

'As I was not picked up by a traditional publisher, Alison stepped up and suggested to work as my publisher. She simplified it all, making all the enquiries herself, streamlining everything to take my book from manuscript to a published book. A few months later, I enquired about making an audio book; once again, Alison took the reins and assisted with booking the studio.

'I cannot thank Alison enough. I feel privileged and grateful to have had Book Therapy on my team.'

Susan Loch

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