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Book Services



A detailed manuscript report will be provided, assessing the commercial suitability of the work and offering areas of improvement, in order to assist development and increase the likelihood of publication.

For fiction, the assessment will include an analysis of the structure and plotline, character development, tone, pacing and themes, as well as the general strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript.

For nonfiction, the report will evaluate structural coherence, narrative voice, tone and research methodology, as well as general strengths and weaknesses.

The unique characteristics of the individual work will be evaluated, including recommendations for suggested changes. A one-hour phone chat or Zoom call to go through the assessment and ask questions or seek clarification will also be offered.

Word counts* and pricing

30,000 — $625

50,000 — $935

60,000 — $1122

80,000 — $1496

100,000 — $1870

*For word counts other than the above, please contact Book Therapy for a quote.

Editorial Workshop

Editorial workshops are only available after an assessment has been completed. They are flexibly designed with reference to the individual manuscript. Manually cutting and pasting your manuscript into a better structure, guidance on how to complete your manuscript or workshopping self-editing techniques are just some of the activities that may be carried out during a workshop.

Four-hour editorial workshop: $400


Following a manuscript assessment, requests for ongoing mentoring will be considered. This process includes providing guidance to authors as they implement the recommendations of the manuscript assessment and work towards publication. Additional meetings and advice are charged at a rate of $80 per hour. Manuscript reviews are also available.


Structural editing examines the manuscript as a whole – addressing narrative, plot, characterisation, tone and pacing. It explores aspects of the work that may be illogical or disruptive to narrative flow, and can involve suggestions to trim scenes, rearrange elements, tighten dialogue, or provide ways of improving the rhythm or tone of the work. Structural editing can be costly, as it’s time intensive. It is only available after a positive manuscript assessment has been indicated, and is generally carried out in conjunction with the author.

Pricing for structural editing is dependent on the level of intervention required. If you are interested in this service, please request a quote.


Also known as line editing, copyediting entails making editorial improvements to a manuscript. In addition to checking grammar, spelling and punctuation, copyediting addresses clear expression, consistency, continuity and potential legal liability. Consistency relates to technical considerations such as inconsistent spelling or capitalisation, repetition, font usage, numerals and hyphenation. Continuity examines factual or plot irregularities.

Word counts* and pricing

30,000 — $1320 

50,000 — $2,271

60,000 — $2,574

80,000 — $3,080

100,000 — $3,740

*For word counts other than the above, please contact Book Therapy for a quote.


Proofreading involves a thorough, final assessment of a document that has already been edited and is ready for publication. It provides a close examination of the typographical elements of a text, including correct and consistent spelling, punctuation and application of a house style. It also examines consistency and correctness in formatting, headings and additional associated documents.

Word counts* and pricing

30,000 — $840

50,000 — $1,400

60,000 — $1,680

80,000 — $2,240

100,000 — $2,800

*For word counts other than the above, please contact Book Therapy for a quote.


Condensation services are provided by Reader’s Digest trained condensers. Articles, fiction, non-fiction and other documents can be condensed to set specifications, depending on required outcomes. Condensation does not involve rewriting a document; it thoroughly assesses the intrinsic, principal elements of a text and removes extraneous or tangential material. Testimonials from authors are available on request.

Pricing for condensation depends on the length of the piece and the percentage by which the document is shortened. If you are interested in this service, please request a quote.

Important notes

Submission of your first chapter is required prior to Book Therapy accepting your manuscript. If your manuscript is still in an early stages of development, we will let you know. If this is the case, it’s much better to continue honing your craft before submitting your work for professional appraisal or editorial services.

A 10% deposit is required on all services.

Client Feedback for Book Therapy

'What I appreciated most about working with Alison is that she is all about respecting the integrity of the writer's intention. This sets her apart in a big way. She worked so hard to help me say exactly what I wanted to say when I wasn't saying it. She went above and beyond with my satisfaction in mind. I never felt any uncertainty or question was too much or too late or too difficult. She never gave up. She has a tremendous eye for detail, a serious work ethic, meticulous organisation and a deep understanding of the different ways a story can weave its magic. All of these things made me feel like I was in such safe and competent hands. I trusted her all the way. A delight to work with and a joy to get to the finish line together.'

Jessica Chapman Kahn, co-writer (with Ronni Kahn) of A Repurposed Life

'My work with Alison was invaluable. I first came to her with a barely finished manuscript, which we worked on together twice over several months. When I first sent it to her, she was the first person to ever read my work and much of it was still very rough. I was nervous, but Alison is as kind as she is smart. Treating my work with respect, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm, she gave me a lot to work on! She engaged deeply with the writing and her critique was considered, yet straightforward. After a second appraisal, I had a finished manuscript ready to send to publishers and competitions. Without a doubt, it's thanks to Alison that I now have a finished novel.'

Caitlin Hodder

'Sharing your writing, particularly for critical purposes, can be a scary experience. However, sharing my manuscript with Book Therapy was a total joy. Alison, who is an expert, was extremely personable and open, and exudes an obvious passion for reading and literature. She spoke about my manuscript with depth, and a clear understanding of the characters and how I wanted them to be read. She pointed out its flaws in a positive light, and provided detailed, realistic and actionable suggestions to make the manuscript work where it failed. She even suggested reading and further resources that would support me in building my foundational knowledge to flesh out my manuscript, which shows just how hugely knowledgeable she is. The feedback I received for one manuscript has proven to be applicable to my writing across the board. I fully recommend working with Book Therapy for any writers looking to get professional!'

Patrick Forrest