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Welcome to Book Therapy

Book therapy is based on the idea that books have therapeutic value.
A book can open a door between an author and a reader, imparting wisdom or lived experience,
a new perspective or an alternate reality.

This website offers a variety of book-related services

It is also intended to connect people with books


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Book Therapy — Our Services

Assisting you to write your own book
Custom Memoir Service

Guidance and support for improving your book
Editorial Services

Enhancing your life through books
Book Reviews

This website is designed to help
people find books that speak to them. 

We also provide book-related editorial services.
We offer assistance for people who'd like to write their own memoir.

Perhaps you’d like to recommend a book 
that has had a positive impact on you?

Custom memoir

Custom Memoir Service

Book Therapy’s custom memoir service provides a simple method to assist you to tell your story.

Maybe you’ve just retired and would like to record your career achievements.

Perhaps your grandchildren live in another country and you’d like to share your life story with them.

Or you’ve wanted to record the stories from your youth for a long time, but you don’t know where to start.

• Your story is recorded through interviews
• Picture pages are created from treasured photos
• A beautifully bound, hard-cover memoir is created

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Editorial services

editorial services

We offer a wide range of editorial services at an affordable price and we are highly experienced, professional and punctual.

From academic theses to digital website articles, your written document will be thoroughly scrutinised in relation to textual consistency, factual accuracy and correct editorial style.

Specialist in contemporary Australian fiction and memoir.

Our services include:

Proofreading  |  Copyediting  |  Structural editing  |  Digital content editing  |  Manuscript assessment  |  Book condensation

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Book reviews

Book reviews

Books can provide knowledge and inspiration.

books can offer an escape to alternate realities. 

books can convey insights into a diverse range of human experiences.

Our book reviews will assist you to find a book that intrigues you, or inspires you, or delights you. 

Perhaps you’d like to share a book that you consider to be ‘book therapy’. Please get in touch and let us know

Latest Book news

How the brain changes when we learn to read

How the brain changes when we learn to read

Discover how specialised pathways develop within our neural architecture as we become familiar with the symbols that represent words.

Explainer: how the brain changes when we learn to read’ by Nicola Bell

Originally published - 11 May 2017

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